BPO Agents Roman Slave .. ..

Just went through the article on Hindustan Times which compares Agents in BPO to Roman Slave.
I believe it has actually over said every thing. BPO too has the same ingredients of a conventional industry. The produce is customer satisfaction [ Which is barely achievable 🙂 ]. The front runners are the agents who take the fire in real time and provide solutions . Some good chaps with their head sets listen to the same recorded call at their own free will and speed , and like a good critic would always bother the agent just because they have the time to listen and comment and not to listen and provide.
More the company makes money by not paying incentives for the sales a agent did if these critics gives a bad score to your performance.
So if a process is not giving good revenue to the company you know where to get it from.
Lets go into a conventional industry of manufacturing the front runners are labor at the machine. They tightenup the same screw every day and oil the same joints, just like the agents in the BPO, who prove solutions to people. The laborer is also answerable to his manager and yes the quality also has the option to reject some produce just like in BPO.

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