Hands on Fedora Core -3

Installed FC-3 on my laptop. I would have to say, FC-3 guys have done their work very well. The improvements are

  1. SELinux you don’t have to pass on the kernel command during startup to install it.
  2. Installation is faster
  3. It recognizes many of my Samsung X05 Ultra hardware.
  4. kernel 2.6.x benefits are always their.
  5. Not to forget Xfce is their to eye candy. It really rocks.
  6. New wallpapers package.
  7. Menu system is now alike Macintosh.
  8. Fonts are improved a lot
  9. Default browser now is Firefox.
  10. Logout and login sequence is faster.
  11. Booting is now faster than before.

that’s all I could recall for now. FC-3 with Kernel 2.6.x is now ready for prime time and now I could implement it on my servers.

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