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The dekho ceremony

In India, an arrange marriage kind of set up, starts shaping-up from the dekho ceremony. Its a social ceremony allowing prospective bride and groom to dekho (see) each other.

These are the notes from my dekho ceremony. But before I start. A warning “All thoughts expressed here are work of fiction. If any word, event or incident mentioned, has any resemblance to reality. It would be considered as pure nature of coincidence. Further the reader can consider this as a work of crap. In return the writer gives even a bigger crap.

I thought a lot before publishing this to my blog. Why so ? because it might project me as someone with commitment issues and one who would like to live as freely as possible. But then, who cares ? I am going to write it down and live free.

My first hand impression of this dekho ceremony says that the prospective bride and groom are treated as live stock.  Seriously, take an example of a farmer selling his cow. The question, a prospective buyer going to ask is. How much milk does it give ? Now lets translate this into dekho lingo, and the translated question for the groom is package kitna hai ? (What is your wage / salary ?).  Mind it they are not asking about your other package 😉

I don’t know what is with our Indian girls ? Either they all refer the same book for dekho ceremony or their so called relative “consultants” are Six Sigma certified. One way or other the next question that I am going to discuss. Seems to me is like, one of the must attempt question in board examination.

Whenever I come across this question I go speechless, my limbs don’t function and my wild imagination goes tumbling into Alice’s  wonderland. I am sure, by now you would have guessed the question.
No you said, damn !! I need to improve on my story telling skills. Anyways, the million dollar question a prospective bride will ask “What is your expectation ?”. As if till date I was involved in D.M.A.I.C process to quantify what should I expect. When asked,  I usually bailout by saying “nothing”. But boy, you should hear the bride’s list.

  • Should be honest. (In  our 1st grade didn’t we boys learn about “honesty being the best policy”. Yet again how much we follow it ? and these girls expect us to start acting on it in a snap.)
  • Should be Understanding. (Oh ! yes, sure babe. Talk illogical and you expect me to be understanding. I have been updated by a married friend, that by the word “Understanding” women mean. I (her) would be the undisputed winner after every fight and thy shall oblige.)
  • Should be like a friend.(Why not ? ever heard cow befriending grass ?)

and the bucket list goes on and on. I usually keep my silence while she is busy rolling-out the never ending lists. You said, Why ? My answer would be , “should I even explain !”

Ok , guys I am hitting the publish button. This post will live on my blog till the time someone does not find me as “understanding”.  I hope you know what I mean 😉