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Yes, sira I am from Inndia !

The news of Indians being ill treated by an european airline. Should not be an eye opener.

Why, you asked ?

  • Because, we (Indians) are responsible for it, we allow them to treat us, as per their wish.
  • Because, we do not behave manners and ethics, when dealing internationally.  In general we Indians are seen as knowledgeable but greedy.
  • Because one of my southern brother, has agreed to work in Gulf on a shoe string salary.  Thus Leaving no room for fellow Indians to demand, better remuneration and living standard.
  • Because, my western brothers in USA would do anything to crack a deal.
  • Because,  one of my brother / sister being ridiculed  at a Gurgaon B.P.O would keep quite. As his/her supervisor would pleaded silence, cause their western boss will not appreciate confronting an end-user.
  • Because , culturaly we are polite and like to please. However we tend to forget our self respect.
  • Because , amongst our selfs we do not respect each other.
  • Because , Russell Peters would make fun of us, and cash upon a house full show.
  • Because , we like to discuss how bad things are and still do nothing about it. Yes, and I am no exception. Like any true Indian. I Would simply upload this post and sleep over it 🙂

Anyways its high time that we ponder on it. Lets begin from our home. Respect, fellow Indians and if you find anyone in need stand up and help him out.

Speakup , had Shilpa kept her silence.  It would had been a disgrace for us. However thank god she said something and next thing we knew, British media was on its knees.

Speakup as we (Indians) are the engine of business, and this is a bit difficult for so call “developed world” to accept. As per them how could yesteryear’s people worshipping cows and snakes be so important in this new emerging  world ?