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World cup 2022 and Qatar

With an impressive presentation and highly motivated bid team. Qatar registered itself in history books.This gave a whole new bold identity to this country. What does this mean for the expat community in Qatar ? Am not a data analyst however I think it would not be wrong to say that 80 % of Qatar population is from foreign land. These people have their hopes up with expectation of labour law reforms to visa formalities.

With the win in bid. Rumours are that  in order to promote competition and give an impetus to growth. Government may abolish the age old sponsorship system. Which on many platforms have been criticized as modern slavery. Recently a top official went on records and indirectly did confirm the modern slavery belief. This happened on inauguration of new NHRC centre in Qatar. The sponsorship system might not be so bad however when it comes to business interest. Who does not like to abuse the law for cheap and demining self interests. I hope you know what I mean. Moreover with the onset of economic slowdown, moral values have already taken a back seat when it comes to business ethics. This makes it imperative that such laws be abolished that can be abused in the name of government policy.

Well the hopes are high and the expat community that lives in this marvellous country miles away from their family. Might not be expecting too much from a country that has been bold, modern and extraordinarily trend setting.