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Through out the Bhagvat Gita it has been said that we (humans) are the instruments and real one to do (the karma) is the lord himself.

Phew ! isn’t that hard one to believe … .. but its so much true if we just work like instruments and do not attach ourselves with the results. This would make our lives easier . Sometimes this leads to ignorance, as they say ignorance is bliss.

Nor do I nor do you,
For all he is here to do,
Then why to fear and bear,
When he is here to steer,
From darkness of Ignorance,
To the light of wisdom,
Now who says I do I , you do you,
For all he is to do,
Nor do I ,nor do you.


A poem written urging the almighty lord to guide me.


Guide me my lord in the darkness of my life,
When you see me trembling, stammering and falling,
Just come to me and whisper once (nay twice),
In your golden voice,
My son this is not a true nature of a wise,
This is all illusion so don’t throw yourself like a dice,
For that I am here to make you realise,
Be happy and so do rise,
Rise `cause I am here to guide.


I wrote this poem at a time when I was struggling for answers in my life.

These questions are so intricate that it would fail great scholars and most learned of all and no book would talk about it.

Then you turn to the supreme being and ask your questions silence comes in reply. You wait and wait more for an answer and then you are agitated and start complaining. Why does he not answer ? This leads to a moment of introspection and a spark arises that make you wonder of  the language to converse with almighty , Its then That I say …. .

Talking to you is a problem to me,
As I don’t know the language of thee,
English or Hindi wonder I in silence of me,
Do these language pleases you my lee,
No! Says the creator of me,
Nor do I listen to Hindi or to English,
I listen to thy heart beat in silence of me,
So let your heart beat from lup-dup lup-dup to love-love love-love.