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Taliban knocking. Is another Kargil around ?

Pakistan is not able to manage its own mess. Taliban is on rise and  close to our borders. It  has been said taliban is mere 5 hrs away from Amritsar.

This is really scary and should be a concern for us. Why is this happening ? Call me paranoid or whatever I can only think of following reasons

  • Pakistan is trying to launch another Kargil style attack. Where in they would cry wolf of Kashmir, being an un-resolved issue.  Later they may vindicate their claim of not being involved as talibanis are “Non state actors”.
  • In bad economic times history speaks U.S have gone to war. They averted the last economic slowdown through Iraq war. Now it might be Afghanistan. On second thought liberating Afghanistan will not bring oil like benefits (Like Iraq) to U.S. Thus  they want India to get involved by defending their borders from approaching taliban.
  • Worst case scenario: India’s economic run and growth have bothered U.S and allies in recent past. Now they want to encash upon it by creating war like situation between India and Pakistan. Such that India pumps more money into international economy by purchasing war gears. On other hand Pakistan is already getting money from U.S in name of  “war on terror”.

Whatever it may be, for now we are concerned about our soldiers and nation’s security. God help our soldiers to crush this new danger.