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Bing the next thing

Wow !! the title rhymes very well. I had couple of days withhttp://www.bing.com i.e instead of goggling around I binged. Believe me Google should be really worried now.

Bing performs all those search gimmicks that Google does. I mean all the currency conversion that I used to do with Google . Is still valid with Bing. To top it all, it also does simple maths from the search bar. Just like Google.

Bing also separately categorises the image search just as Google image search does. I have a feeling that Bing search results are more refined than that of Google. Check this out

I Googled with keywords “Vishal Kashyap” the results from Google are http://tinyurl.com/m3netn

When I binged the keywords “Vishal Kashyap” the results were better http://tinyurl.com/krqme5

Now you would be wondering why I selected the keyword Vishal Kashyap ?
I would say for the simple reason. People search more about themselves than anything else. As per Bhagavad Gita, this is called knowing thyself or self enlightenment.

Jokes apart, seriously in my humble opinion.  Bing would bite off serious chunk from Google’s revenue pie.

Till then let the Bing begin.