Leadership Traits

I was astonished to read in one of the leading magazine that evil traits like ego , narcissism. Are considered as must have for an individual in a leadership position. To me this seems to be derogatory and a serious blow to human values.

Now the question comes in, are  organisations un-consciously supporting and encouraging such evil traits just to survive ? and even if they are is this just because of survival of fittest.

How can corporates be so irresponsible and naive in moral values. No wonder we have a degrading social system which now is very near of being an animal kingdom.


Austerity Drive You Say ?

Austerity as they say, would reduce social spending and increased taxes. This would mean governments clearly steering off from their social responsibility, of creating a neutral environment. For all the sections of the society to prosper and grow.

As a knee jerk reaction to austerity would be increasing privatisation. Without doubt the economic crisis have already resulted in diminishing of morals among business men. This would further lead to a new social unrest and new definition of  Slavery , Imperialism , Democracy and Modern.

Signs of this has started showing off:

  1. Britain wants to review its NHS.
  2. India one of the BRICS crushes peaceful protest. Not only this turns the media against the same people. Justifying their act.
  3. US of the A is already on roll, of its newly found definition of imperialism.

Though this might sound naive but we have to start from basics, and up keep of morals and human values.

Is Baba Ram Dev the Bhagat Singh and Anna Hazare The Gandhi of New India ?

The anti-corruption agitation in India, started of with a silent protest. A hunger strike from Anna Hazare . He is seen as the soft side of the protest. Which more or less  does not harm anyone. Even though the Gandhian style protest paid off.

Later he was joined by Baba Ram Dev who too to some extend started as a peaceful protester. However the Government, over reacted and showed signs of violence. This has changed the whole paradigm now.

Baba with this media attention and much following have threatened to be more of a hardliner now. This may also be called as cocktail of Bhakti Movement and 1857 revolt,  this might be an overstatement of comparison but the bottom seems to be the same.

Whatever it might be e are very close to have a political and a social turmoil, and for sure something good would come out of it. Till then lets keep our fingers crossed.

India rejects US of the A ‘s fighter jets, oumph !!!!

Just read this article in one of the leading newspaper in India. By golly the selectors really showed some balls here. By standing up to the big daddy and say “hey we do not need your jets, simply bug off”. Even the charismatic Obama’s sales pitch did not do any good.

What is being reported that India have some sort of technical list. Which was used to qualify the selected European jets. That’s damn !!!!! impressive , now we do not follow standards set by others instead India is making its own list of standards. You know what does this mean ? It means assembly lines of various products now would have to adapt themselves to the standards that India “DEMANDS”.

No wonder they say customer is the King.

Last few months

A lot has happened past few months to me. I got married, yes finally said the dreaded “I Do” word. Lost my guru Sri Sathya Sai baba, in his physical form. He was a very important part of my life and still is. In past he had guided me through high and lows of my life.

Coming back to about last few months, it has been fantastic. Got married to a very understanding girl and now am enjoying the spices of being married.  Winking smile

Though I should say these past few months has forced me into another fit of introspection. As an outcome my belief that the only thing permanent is the almighty and his name. In this age of kali-yugaa the only thing that is going to give peace is the lords name and doing ones worldly duty.

Do your duty and get the fu*k off. That sounds so good and simple. But let me tell you this also, at times is a hell lot of a job.

In the meanwhile one can always keep praying and perform his worldly duties.

World cup 2022 and Qatar

With an impressive presentation and highly motivated bid team. Qatar registered itself in history books.This gave a whole new bold identity to this country. What does this mean for the expat community in Qatar ? Am not a data analyst however I think it would not be wrong to say that 80 % of Qatar population is from foreign land. These people have their hopes up with expectation of labour law reforms to visa formalities.

With the win in bid. Rumours are that  in order to promote competition and give an impetus to growth. Government may abolish the age old sponsorship system. Which on many platforms have been criticized as modern slavery. Recently a top official went on records and indirectly did confirm the modern slavery belief. This happened on inauguration of new NHRC centre in Qatar. The sponsorship system might not be so bad however when it comes to business interest. Who does not like to abuse the law for cheap and demining self interests. I hope you know what I mean. Moreover with the onset of economic slowdown, moral values have already taken a back seat when it comes to business ethics. This makes it imperative that such laws be abolished that can be abused in the name of government policy.

Well the hopes are high and the expat community that lives in this marvellous country miles away from their family. Might not be expecting too much from a country that has been bold, modern and extraordinarily trend setting.