Windows 8 & Touch PC

Since the day I have installed windows 8 on my laptop. The urge to buy a touch screen laptop or ultra book is nagging me day in and day out.  Do like the Metro look and the idea of everything as an application (app) including the desktop.

Have done some research and so far my eyes are on Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 and indeed Surface Pro.

What stops me from buying Surface Pro right out is Microsoft’s experience in hardware. Thus would give it some time before spending my money on it.  So far it impresses me, as Surface fills the gap of a useful portable device in much too crowded tablet world.  

The research is on and waiting for so called first patch or sorts for the Surface Pro, for sure it would clean up some bugs.

Me And My Kindle Keyboard

Behold your breath, you read the blog of an Amazon Kindle owner. After a long search for an e-book reader and resisting the temptation to go with the flow of iPad. I rounded out my search to the mighty old Amazon’s Kindle Keyboard.

What caught my fancy was the e-ink screen, its the e-ink screen that made me drop the Idea of owing a Kindle Fire too. E-ink gives the reading pleasure of a normal paperback book. Kindle is light and easy to hold, not to mention the easy dictionary lookup. Get the cursor near to the word to be looked up, and voila !!! the details comes up bottom of the screen.

Nice small device with 2 months of reading on single charge. Books are delivered wirelessly and not through a synchronization software (Did you hear that iPad lovers). PDFs or personal documents as they call it can be emailed to the Kindle and later synced over Wifi, in kindle native format.

I got mine shipped from USA (psstt !!! it was assembled in china) took around 2 weeks. It was worth the wait and hard earned money. All in all am glad that I did not go by the flow of “Buy the iPad its the best”, instead trusted my instincts. 

I admit the only thing I do not like about the Kindle Keyboard is the keyboard itself, wish the buttons were rectangle than round.

My search for a e-book reader / Tablet

At first their was only an eBook reader from Amazon. The Kindle, life was easy and I just had to save some money and purchase the damn thing. Then came along the  Kindle Fire , which blew the whole thing up. Now am confused with hell lot of options for Kindle. The dilemma , Shall I put my money on the e-ink technology  (Found in other Kindles, but not Kindle Fire) or buy a colour screen (Kindle Fire) tablet that would  allow me to read content in colour.

I know many of the iPad fanatics by now would be murmuring “Duh !!! don’t you know anything about iPad”.  Being a realist, I pondered upon the facts, I want to read and to me spending 400+ USD on iPad is waste of money. It would be bulkier as compared to even the high-end kindle. Besides it would be better to use a laptop for games, a digital camera for photography and a MP3 player for music.  Instead of  using one device for all. Let them all do what they were made for, a little bit of everything isn’t good.

Back to my dilemma, my research is on going and sooner or later I would come to a conclusion which would result to a dent in my pocket and an e-book reader or a tablet, suitable for my needs.

Date: 2012-03-29

Thumbs downToday I came across some discouraging facts about Kindle Fire. For now, am drifting away from Kindle Fire.

Date: 2012-03-30

Thumbs upKindle Fire’s colour screen appeals me.

Date: 2012-03-31

Thumbs down This might be last review I would read about the Kindle fire. Kindle Fire for sure is going down.

Its official am not buying the Kindle Fire.

Now the comparison is between Kindle Touch and Kindle Keyboard.

Date: 2012-04-01

Psstt !!! I like the Kindle Keyboard, but like a good geek would give enough time to Kindle Touch for a consideration.

Date 2012-04-02

Thumbs up Kindle Keyboard, gets my attention and perhaps hard earned money too.

To be a Vegan or not

Not only religion but also the general sense of it appeals for a vegetarian diet. Even then the taste of tongue tempts for the cooked flesh.

What is this with us humans ? Why do we we feast on something dead and much upon the flesh ?  These questions may be more of a moral level than a economic one. As over the time, we have evolved enough to bring the jungle to super market and then to our plates. The evolution has changed us from being hunted to the one hunting.  This evolution has also given us the wisdom and the power of reasoning.  Which again advocates of being herbivorous than the carnivorous,

So lets pledge to be a vegan , (on a lighter note) after that last plate of chicken tikka Smile