The last railroad game that I played, was Microsoft Train Simulator. It was creepy slow and the graphics were not so good.

TS2010_Cover_small Much eagerly I was waiting for the Auran’s latest release of Trainz.  Yesterday it finally happened I bought the “Trainz Simulator 2010: Engineers Edition”, first few hours with the game made me see the difference, the graphics is much clean. Though the engine cabin disappoints me.

All in all this game deserves to be part of ones game collection.


Bing the next thing

Wow !! the title rhymes very well. I had couple of days with i.e instead of goggling around I binged. Believe me Google should be really worried now.

Bing performs all those search gimmicks that Google does. I mean all the currency conversion that I used to do with Google . Is still valid with Bing. To top it all, it also does simple maths from the search bar. Just like Google.

Bing also separately categorises the image search just as Google image search does. I have a feeling that Bing search results are more refined than that of Google. Check this out

I Googled with keywords “Vishal Kashyap” the results from Google are

When I binged the keywords “Vishal Kashyap” the results were better

Now you would be wondering why I selected the keyword Vishal Kashyap ?
I would say for the simple reason. People search more about themselves than anything else. As per Bhagavad Gita, this is called knowing thyself or self enlightenment.

Jokes apart, seriously in my humble opinion.  Bing would bite off serious chunk from Google’s revenue pie.

Till then let the Bing begin.

Now Intel fights over x86

Come economic slowdown and corporates look to cash upon their patents and licenses. This is what Intel did. They allegedly found AMD violating x86 license agrement. Historically speaking, the desktop computer era started with Wintel platform, with architecture and instruction set for these microprocessor as x86. Now if someone keen to build microprocessor (Like AMD) they need to use the widely used instruction set to make an economic sense.

Intel was kind enough to sign x86 license with AMD. However lately Intel might be bit intimidated, by the bull run of AMD’s success. Resulting to insecurity in Intel camp. Forcing Intel lawyers to find for a possible x86 license breach. Which can be labeled as violation. And Wallah !!!! they allegedly found one.

Does this story sound familiar ?  Hope SCO and Linux legal disputes rings some bells.

Out of the topic: This reminds me of Transmeta’s Crusoe processor that followed a different path. Crusoe runs a CMS (Code Morphing Software) software to translate x86 instruction set to native VLIW (Very Long Instruction Word) of Crusoe. Probably Transmeta could get off with the required license cause their processor does not require native x86 instruction set.

Brick in the wall photo shoot

OOps !! I did it again. With GIMP and clever thinking I changed the following image to the resulting image on the right.


The theme of this master piece is  ain’t just “another brick in the wall” . The phrase “Another brick in the wall” is borrowed from Pink Floyd’s famous rock song.

Fine !!!, enough of my self obsessed statements.  But again who likes to be just “Just another brick in the wall”.

May my Laptop rest in peace !!

It was used 24×7, dropped and carried to harshest places. It always kept its promise of 24×7 availability.

Stored many of my memories and had helped me gain great heights.
Its today that my beloved laptop took its last breath. The hard disk clicks and is beyond recovery, CD-ROM refuses to spin and keyboard would simply not type.

Its time to say goodbye to this friend of mine.

So long dear friend..

Me, the Writer again

Last year I did not get any time to write.  This year got a chance to write and published article for SQLite. It is published in Linux For You’s March 2008 edition, Page 96. It would be finally released under CC licence.

The second and last part of the article might get published in April/May 2008.

Enjoy reading