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Brick in the wall photo shoot

OOps !! I did it again. With GIMP and clever thinking I changed the following image to the resulting image on the right.


The theme of this master piece is  ain’t just “another brick in the wall” . The phrase “Another brick in the wall” is borrowed from Pink Floyd’s famous rock song.

Fine !!!, enough of my self obsessed statements.  But again who likes to be just “Just another brick in the wall”.

The spiritual journey

I always wished to visit golden temple. On 25 April 2008 with almighty will and grace it came true. 05440005

This visit was a result of divine will. As my previous humanly attempts resulted in standoff between divine will and humanly selfish wish.

Almighty had fixed an appointment for me at vaisho devi too. Thus soon after darshan at golden temple. We left 05440028 for Jammu by bus. The  next day, in  wee hours of the morning we started our ascend to the holy cave.

Talking about the weather It was cloudy and at times was drizzling . We reached the holy cave by 13:00. Took a bath with chilling holy water and after darshan we started the descend via bharavnath.

Finally reached udhampur to board our train to Delhi. 

Thanks to the mighty will  now I can strike of one wish from my bucket list.

 Jai Mata Di !!!

A long silence ends

After a Long silence I am back with my usual stuff of blogging. Where was I this July ? To start off, I was with my team in Dhanulti (Near Dehradun) for a two days trip. We had a gala time there.

Later I left for an spiritual mission to Puttaparthi (A.P) .
Traveling kept me busy through out this month. Overall  I enjoyed , got recharged and contemplated on my future. July was not only materialistic it also revived the spirituality and my interest in traveling. I am already Looking forward to my next vacation.