The Person I am


We live in a three dimensional world. So is the perception of “The Person I am ?”

I am born and my world is limited to the two lovely people of my life. I am their star for next few years and then I am introduced to the outer world. The world that is beyond the cuddles of Maa and caring of Paa.  This world likes to call me with a name. The name that my first love gave me. There’s when I get an identity, which would stick to me till the time I permanently make a visit to the cemetery.

After series of nick names, roll numbers , employee numbers and passport number. Here I am, still a name. The name that defines my body, the salary that I draw, the reports that I send to my boss, the name pronounced to a prospective bride that my parents are looking for, and many other of my idiosyncrasies.

I am three individuals.

One, that is perceived by people around me.

Two, the person that I think I am.

Three, the person that I really am.

This picture, one of the another, in my series of master piece depicts the same. The multicolor side of the image is what people think I am. The Black and White side is what I think I am, and God knows what really I am.

In search of the real self ….. just another name “Vishal Kashyap”.

Brick in the wall photo shoot

OOps !! I did it again. With GIMP and clever thinking I changed the following image to the resulting image on the right.


The theme of this master piece is  ain’t just “another brick in the wall” . The phrase “Another brick in the wall” is borrowed from Pink Floyd’s famous rock song.

Fine !!!, enough of my self obsessed statements.  But again who likes to be just “Just another brick in the wall”.