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Result of Digital illustration

Am doing classes at VCU and below is my first digital illustration.

Only for my little one, Vinayak.

Happy face

For you Vinayak



Through out the Bhagvat Gita it has been said that we (humans) are the instruments and real one to do (the karma) is the lord himself.

Phew ! isn’t that hard one to believe … .. but its so much true if we just work like instruments and do not attach ourselves with the results. This would make our lives easier . Sometimes this leads to ignorance, as they say ignorance is bliss.

Nor do I nor do you,
For all he is here to do,
Then why to fear and bear,
When he is here to steer,
From darkness of Ignorance,
To the light of wisdom,
Now who says I do I , you do you,
For all he is to do,
Nor do I ,nor do you.