About Me

Innovator of the year Award clip Aired on National Geographic Channel

Vishal, a true cosmopolitan.
Thanks to his up-bringing in a diverse and socio-political environment. His people skills are honed to its best.

2011-12-02-ProfileThis taurean recently got hitched, which forces him to re-discover himself. No more he is allowed to be “me”, rather for him its more of “us” now.

He is blessed with some great friends and a dynamic family. Who are proud of him, cause he did what he wanted to do. 

Being a geek head, he is kept busy with latest gadgets. The most favourite of his, is the IPod that can play his head banging favourite music 24×7. Next on his list is the Nintendo Wii. It surely would hone his gaming skills as they have gone dull. Thanks to his ageing laptop. However for now Nintendo only exist in his bucket list.

With Gods grace and mighty will many good things have happened with Vishal. http://www.cxotoday.com writes about him and LINUX For You introduces his software, SaiPACS as their cover story. As this was not enough National Geographic Channel found an innovator in him and awarded him “Nokia Innovator of the Year” title.

Personally he is on constant look out for more friends and knowledge. Blessed with a kind heart and a grounded head, he is ever approachable.

Come, interact with this tech ridden and spiritually driven guy.