Globalisation being thrashed

The Globalization movement being championed by the western countries has lately taken a beating. Because the very people who were advocating it are losing jobs or are forced to accept jobs with low wages. This disturbing fact has made people hostile and feel sorry for themselves, realizing the fact that they were manipulated to support governments that were witch hunting potential target market countries, to open up their economies.

Amazingly a movement that started with the intent to expand trade and reach new market, transformed to reducing cost of operation and manufacturing. Which in turn lead to job loss in the western world. The ripple effect of globalization had forced every operations oriented organisation to evaluate and lower the cost of their daily operations. Resulting operations to shift and hire overseas less expensive employees.

Now the western world has realized in the race for globalization, they are bleeding themselves . Bleeding themselves of Jobs , money liquidity and security.

Few world events of 2016 clearly state the obvious to name a few. BREXIT ,TRUMP winning election•

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