The Desktop That is

No matter how many gadgets or smart devices are released and invented for computing, out of them desktops would always have their own place. On a personal level having tried all kinds of portable devices i.e Surface , Windows Tab & Smartphone.
The real productive tool in my opinion would always be mighty old desktop for the simple reasons

  1. First off it’s a DESKTOP. Which means just like the study table it would always have its own place. One do not have to lug it around and try to be comfortable with it. Its there always no matter what, in one corner of the house. Just kept aside ready to be used anytime. On a subconscious level it does give a sense of stability or grounding, if you know what I mean. 
  2. In comparison to cost of a portable device (for productivity) the desktop may be a bit on higher side, but the small screen size and options of doing meaningful work i.e to be used for productivity makes portable device a big NO NO.
  3. Desktops run for hours like a work horse and not complain. Try doing that with a laptop, boy does it heat up.
  4. The number of peripherals that can be connected to a desktop are many and the good old wired means of connection is way better and faster than going wireless. 
  5. The smaller sized mini or small form factor CPU do not hog much space on the desk leaving more space for a bigger display.

So next time when you decide to buy a computing device give desktops a chance they would sure turn out to be comparatively cheaper and a great productivity tool.

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