Me And My Kindle Keyboard

Behold your breath, you read the blog of an Amazon Kindle owner. After a long search for an e-book reader and resisting the temptation to go with the flow of iPad. I rounded out my search to the mighty old Amazon’s Kindle Keyboard.

What caught my fancy was the e-ink screen, its the e-ink screen that made me drop the Idea of owing a Kindle Fire too. E-ink gives the reading pleasure of a normal paperback book. Kindle is light and easy to hold, not to mention the easy dictionary lookup. Get the cursor near to the word to be looked up, and voila !!! the details comes up bottom of the screen.

Nice small device with 2 months of reading on single charge. Books are delivered wirelessly and not through a synchronization software (Did you hear that iPad lovers). PDFs or personal documents as they call it can be emailed to the Kindle and later synced over Wifi, in kindle native format.

I got mine shipped from USA (psstt !!! it was assembled in china) took around 2 weeks. It was worth the wait and hard earned money. All in all am glad that I did not go by the flow of “Buy the iPad its the best”, instead trusted my instincts. 

I admit the only thing I do not like about the Kindle Keyboard is the keyboard itself, wish the buttons were rectangle than round.


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