Austerity Drive You Say ?

Austerity as they say, would reduce social spending and increased taxes. This would mean governments clearly steering off from their social responsibility, of creating a neutral environment. For all the sections of the society to prosper and grow.

As a knee jerk reaction to austerity would be increasing privatisation. Without doubt the economic crisis have already resulted in diminishing of morals among business men. This would further lead to a new social unrest and new definition of  Slavery , Imperialism , Democracy and Modern.

Signs of this has started showing off:

  1. Britain wants to review its NHS.
  2. India one of the BRICS crushes peaceful protest. Not only this turns the media against the same people. Justifying their act.
  3. US of the A is already on roll, of its newly found definition of imperialism.

Though this might sound naive but we have to start from basics, and up keep of morals and human values.

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