Is Baba Ram Dev the Bhagat Singh and Anna Hazare The Gandhi of New India ?

The anti-corruption agitation in India, started of with a silent protest. A hunger strike from Anna Hazare . He is seen as the soft side of the protest. Which more or less  does not harm anyone. Even though the Gandhian style protest paid off.

Later he was joined by Baba Ram Dev who too to some extend started as a peaceful protester. However the Government, over reacted and showed signs of violence. This has changed the whole paradigm now.

Baba with this media attention and much following have threatened to be more of a hardliner now. This may also be called as cocktail of Bhakti Movement and 1857 revolt,  this might be an overstatement of comparison but the bottom seems to be the same.

Whatever it might be e are very close to have a political and a social turmoil, and for sure something good would come out of it. Till then lets keep our fingers crossed.

2 thoughts on “Is Baba Ram Dev the Bhagat Singh and Anna Hazare The Gandhi of New India ?

  1. Praitman Tamang

    I truely believe that Baba Ram Dev is doing best and he should be supported by all Indians. That money now named as black money belongs to all Indians including Ambani brothers and also the beggers on the street.One should not be allowed to misused so much of money.Its the moral responsibilty of Indian government to bring back the money. No individual can go directly to that bank ask the banker to transfer the money back to India….not possible.Its the government who has to do this.When to do is another question there. Sooner is best for Indians public or keeping it delaying ?
    We heard about this black money long time back but till today no one did anything on this…We as an outsider always have and had this question what Government of India is doing with this money case?
    So I honestly wish if Baba Ram Dev and Anna Hazare get full support from All Indian brothers and sisters since this is for the well being of the nation as a whole.
    Well wisher

  2. poonam

    Feel proud that their are still people like Anna Hazare and Baba Ram Dev who are fighting for the sake of our country. But, somewhere , I felt that this step should b taken by youngsters….but yeah! we youngstrs doesnt hav ny experience ….so to some extend these famous prsonalities have strtd agitation…thats enough …hope that they both get full support from All Indians for the well being of the nation. we youngsters are with them…to bring back our money power!!
    i too keep my fingers crossed!!


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