A vacation that was my roller coaster ride

After an exiting and successful year at work in Doha. I was headed back to India for my first vacation. It started with some amazing revelation (I am being sarcastic here) and ended with a dilemma of its own kind.

All in all it was a roller-coaster ride for me. From the day one of my vacation I was literally sucked-out emotionally. I came across people who could be insensitive to somebody else’s feeling. People who regardless of being Indian and white hair, lacked wisdom and know how of our rich culture and behaviours.

On the brighter side I had a spiritual side attached to it too. I visited Vaishno Devi which was in form of a rail trip. The visit to the holy cave helped me recover from the downhill of emotions, further lifting my spirits and rejuvenating “the fight back spirit”.

But again by the end of the vacation I bumped into another nightmare of mine, this time I was challenged by a dilemma that questioned my own set principles. While I write this post it is still a pain in the wrong place, for me.

In a nut shell the beginning and the end of the vacation was more or less the same, harsh and full of dilemma. With the middle of the vacation filled

  • With some fun times with family specially my nephew.
  • With some reconnecting act at a subconscious level.
  • Rejuvenation.

I write this while I wait for the boarding gates of my Doha flight to open. With a hope that it may help me to get rid of the after effects of dark moments. I experienced in the past few days.

I look forward to loads of work and some sun basked beach to cool myself off. This is the only failsafe antidote for me. It has worked earlier and I am sure, it is not going to disappoint me this time too.

1 thought on “A vacation that was my roller coaster ride

  1. Vishal

    Note to self.

    Your habit of always looking for faults in yourself is talking its own toll.

    See you cannot even bitch very well.


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