The Classroom Experience

It was nearly after a decade I was to enjoy the classroom experience. As if I was to relive the good old days. I was to experience the fun of sitting among friends and learn.This was all to come from the PMP classes that I have enrolled for.

These are my notes from the first day in classroom. Fortunately there was no one to bully me.

Day 1: From the classroom entrance. I carefully inspected the seats, to find out  “balcony seats” to be taken by my Korean friends. Middle row did not fascinate me. So like a good student I opted for the first row. The instructor came in and started explaining the course material. When we were into 40’th  minute of the session I was already in my wonderland. Whatever the instructor said it turned out to be like a background music for me. Birds where chirping and I was sitting under an apple tree laden with fresh ripe apples. Its then that I saw a monster coming towards me. It seemed to be a familiar face. In-deed it was a familiar face. The monster was no other than my Boss. He had these large feet, that could easily crush me. In his hands he had the project report, the pages from the report was cleanly rolled up making it look like a bamboo stick. “We would have a ten minutes break” Somebody said this shake me off my day dream.

Wow !!! I said,I don’t know about others, but I felt as if I have reconnected to myself. I was again that dreamy self. Who was always looking out for ways to extract the best of the moment.

While I write this I am into third week of my series of classes. I am not sure how much I have learned but on the lighter side I have faced the board from all corner of the room and I am loving it.


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