The Person I am


We live in a three dimensional world. So is the perception of “The Person I am ?”

I am born and my world is limited to the two lovely people of my life. I am their star for next few years and then I am introduced to the outer world. The world that is beyond the cuddles of Maa and caring of Paa.  This world likes to call me with a name. The name that my first love gave me. There’s when I get an identity, which would stick to me till the time I permanently make a visit to the cemetery.

After series of nick names, roll numbers , employee numbers and passport number. Here I am, still a name. The name that defines my body, the salary that I draw, the reports that I send to my boss, the name pronounced to a prospective bride that my parents are looking for, and many other of my idiosyncrasies.

I am three individuals.

One, that is perceived by people around me.

Two, the person that I think I am.

Three, the person that I really am.

This picture, one of the another, in my series of master piece depicts the same. The multicolor side of the image is what people think I am. The Black and White side is what I think I am, and God knows what really I am.

In search of the real self ….. just another name “Vishal Kashyap”.


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