From Hi to Dear Sir

I have worked in more than 4 companies across industries (Fine I am flaunting my achievement) but thats the truth. Everytime I switch over I have to change salutations for internal emails. Now consider If I am in an organisation that is American enough I would start writing as

Hi ,

I have some blah to discuss . Since it have been ages we have not blahed so lets blah blah blah

Now consider I am working in a British company I would start like

Dear Mr. <Lastname> ,

Stop being bossy , because once I say blah to you. you would get blah again.

Here goes the bigeee I am writing an e-mail, in an Indian company which would go like

Dear Mr. <Firstname> ,

You stink more than the office toilet. Some more blah and blah again


Do you notice the contrast in writing e-mails across the culture  ?  Ttheirs more to it . In an indian company you have to make sure that if you are CC’ing e-mailit to your boss. You mention their respective e-mail address in order of designation.

OOOh !!!!   isn’t that killing. 

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