Why U.S needs India ?

It’s well said “History repeats” .

U.S the corporate major is done with their own economy.

They have done all to avoid the latest economic slow down.  Yes,

this  includes bombing Iraq (If you disagree , damn you !! 

probably you work in one of those US global company)

U.S organisations are looking for stable economies that are

receptive to their products with potential to absorb finished

goods. That would keep their cash registers ringing.


Lets take a sneak peek  into history. In a nut shell we can safely

say, through out 19 and early 20 century. Trade or business is

what has been shaping the world map.  Britisher’s , Portuguese ,

French and many more  were establishing colonies with trade on

their mind.


In modern age that colonial system will not work , so what to do ?

Lets liberate countries from dictatorship and bomb few 

Afghanis in name of “war on terror”.  This would be enough for the

military related business to churn money.

Neither this strategy is going to work for long , so what to do ?

Find stable  economies with large population that has

enormous  spending power .


Here comes India into picture.

The influence Indian subcontinent have had over the

consumption of commodities, is  tempting enough for America. 

To beg for India’s attention. The large knowledge pool is good

enough to create new products so before these Indians make their

move lets give them new products and technology at global price

and save the (US) economy.

So fellow Indians, till the time uncle sam is sending goodies from

U.S enjoy the globally priced attention .


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