Tax time pay it and be proud

I always wanted to be in armed forces and serve my country. Now that I am not in armed forces. I have another way of  serving my country. I Pay my Taxes .

Big deal may say some of you. May be its not a big deal for you but I feel proud, it makes me feel connected to the soldiers on guard at front. I feel proud that, with the taxes I pay we would buy new arms and war gears. Our soldiers would be paid salaries out of  it.

Though paying tax makes me feel proud, but their are some areas I don’t want my tax money be used. Some of many are

  1. Police officials salaries.
    They are efficient enough to explore  ways of earning money  Winking
  2. Politicians salaries,
    do I need to explain ? Politicians specially the one who feed on bribe and do not contribute. Take an example of Sukh Rams alleged bribe/fraud. He returned the money to Himachalis in terms of infrastructure. Himachalis did not complain of this neta as he is responsible for the telecom revolution in Himachal Pradesh.

Am I not raising too much hue and cry for the couple of thousands I contribute in national treasure. May be , but I wish my money be used for armed forces and their support functions.

I also wish my money be used in Power sector (Generation), such that my computer be up and running 24×7.

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