We Indians

With a bang (Pokhran nuclear test) we Indians were known around the world. Up until then it was thought we Indians do no more than worship snakes, cows, eat spicy food and wear bright colours.

Now see how things have changed Papa CJ gives westerners  taste of their own soup. Shilpa Shetty brings Britain’s TV channel on to its knees . If  we do not play good cricket or refuse to play. Institutions loose on money and TV channels lose airtime.

Now check this out the latest blow to technically advanced nations, we build a car, that was said to be impossible to manufacture.  We conceptualised and manufactured it and now the world is eager to have a look and write its success stories . For common man its a revolution of sorts. He would think twice before going for a two wheeler. Picture this a car that would be sold for a price of a video projector .

Yes , we are Indians we still worship cows and snakes and while doing that we are the largest knowledge pool. Maybe we lacked direction in past. But now that we have leaders like Ratan Tata , Narayana Murthy , Laxmi mittal  and not to forget Reliance brothers I am sure their are more marvels in making. 

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