Toy story

In my childhood, toys were my fascination as would be for any kid. I drooled for them like anything.  I still remember that red trailer with a boat on its load. It had the finest curves and appeal that would even make Katrina look flabby. It was so strong that it handled hits and accidents , in my imaginative world.

Who will not long for such a companion, which was darling of your yesteryears. This longing made me search for the same toy in every possible place, name a biggest toy store and I have been their. My search was not limited to toy stores, it took me to local choor bazzar but no success. Instead I have noticed that toys these days are not curved for curves and finished well, as they were in my childhood.Those days they were finest piece of art , with those attractive bright colors and miniature seats. Why I fail to find the same stuff now ?


May be manufacturers not manufacturing good stuff these days or its me, now interested in different kind of curves.              smile_wink

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