No word be spoken by thee

I did not update my blog for these many days as was busy getting familiar with few newest technology. Having said that should I say busy, when my schedule involved 8 hrs of sleep and10 hrs of office, remaining be rust time.  On this note I should confess updating blog was not the most pressing need for me in last few days as I was occupied with many other things.

Crux is I am back with updating the blog and coding. Last few months I worked on W-Fi, took time to understand it. Researched a lot on what to buy and how to secure aired network. After all that sweat, I am a proud owner of a wireless Linksys router enabling data transfer through air between my Laptop , 2 Computers and Internet, no more wires.  Its now that my Laptop works truly like a Lap-Top , Bed-top and sometimes roof-top. Isn’t that exciting being wired with no wires.

Besides my brush with latest technology , I was trying to revive the coding side of me. Which went dead for more than 3 months .

I also got this thought of getting rid of my orkut account, but it did not materialize.  Should I say my friends list prevented me of doing that.


So People rejoice its me back into e-space.

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