New browser on shelf

For some Internet explorer is the one and only browser in the world and they swear by it.  Techies swear by firefox for its speed and now comes the promising browser from Mac world to windows. Lately Apple is eager to bring Mac world goodies to Wintel platform. Starting of with i-Tune on windows it now ports its browser.

Safari started of with Microsoft deciding to withdraw its Mac version of Internet explorer. Since then safari has come a long way.

I downloaded safari (a 7.X MB download) without the Mac’s master piece software Quick time. Installed it and as far as the looks goes my first word was WOW ! (sorry that’s not the windows wow). Moreover safari is readily available with popular plugins like flash player, Adobe reader which is a good move. Remember teething days of Mozilla (Father to Firefox) it  seriously lacked on such plugins which pushed its adoption further.
Despite the claims of Safari being 2 X faster than other browsers I found Safari slow. May be its a windows thingy.

Since Safari is still in beta I may be saying to much to early.

Lets wait and watch how this kid performs in browser war fingerscrossed

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