King of Hearts

A master piece in making. I changed the bigger photo to the King of hearts Card.
How did I do that ?
It’s simple

  1. Crop the left part of the original Photo
  2. Downloaded Gimp , this tool has been my favourite than Photoshop. Above all its GPL’ed, in English it means “free software”.
  3. Paste the cropped photo onto a transparent background, tilt it by 10 degrees .
  4. Remove everything from background and lets call this image B.
  5. Now on a White background create a red rectangle in middle of the bigger rectangle.
  6. Paste the photo with no background (image B) onto the middle of the rectangle paste one more photo and rotate it 180 degrees such that it is mirror effect of other.

Now merge all the layers to the background and
Wallah !!! my own King of hearts card is ready to show off.

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