How secure are our defence installations ?

Employing a Spy may be a thing of passe now thanks to tools like Google Map and I can have a birds eye view of a airbase from my desktop, worse it also gives me longitude and latitude in equivalent decimal coordinates. Longitude and Latitude are coordinates on basis of these values one can locate exact geographical location on earth. Check those y=22471528&x=70010011&z=17&l=0&m=a in address bar of your Internet explorer browser by clicking here.
In a country like ours fighting with terrorism, this would add fuel to fire. Imagine these terrorist with those sophisticated rocket launcher where in they can attack from a safer distance by keying the longitude, latitude into the launcher (do I sound like Americans) . Further to add one can have military information for most of the countries from
I am a bit jittery after discovering all this on internet.

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