Google talk has come a long way.

I installed the latest version of google talk and could notice change in terms of features and download size. File size has inflated to 1.5 MB as compared to 800 Kb. One of the many new features that I could notice is that one can display the current music track as your status message. To use this feature simply follow the following steps (assuming latest version of google talk is installed)

  • In your Google Talk client, click Settings.
  • Click Audio in the left navigation bar.
  • Click the Share music listening history with Google Music Trends check box.
  • Click OK to apply your change.

This will share you music listening history. This feature is available with most of the popular music players like Winamp , iTunes etc.
Now to show off the latest sound track you own, play the music and set the status on google talk as “Show current music track”.


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