Certificates for Me

Look ma I got four certificates this came after a long wait. Anyways with god grace and mighty will I was able to deliver many times more than expected(Thats my belief, hope this does not inflates my head and ego).
Have a look at my work station, and Pradeep the perfect soulmate for the bengali girl in our office.

Certificates are for :

  • Floor Champion. (don’t laugh)
  • Max Transaction.
  • Best Conversion.
  • For Contribution. (The Open Source software build with PHP,SQLlite and windows batch file. How to forget the mail management software)

The bearded COO thanked for the contribution, and to wrap the ceremony quickly handed over all the certificates to me in one go. Smart guy 😉
I regret that I did not thank Prasoon and Vikram as they too spear-headed the initiative.Thanking them via my blog.
Above all thanks to almighty for all the grace and love.

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