Blog your thoughts and get fired

A recent story in TOI gave me jitters. The Story was of an employee employeed at a reputed organization and comment he made about on of his institution.
The babus of the institution came very heavily on this poor chap who shared his experience with the world through his blog.
As a result he may lose his job and have to sit at home.
This is certainly a new era where words on your blog, can shake the world and your job.

Let me be a bit cautious about what I key in here, you know guys I am not interested in loosing my job , but wait I must speak up freely “FREEDOM OF VOICE” you know.

1 thought on “Blog your thoughts and get fired

  1. Anonymous

    Mr Vishal i m Rahul Sharma of una now doing my B.Tech.While searching in google abt una himachal Images i saw u there i want to congratulate u that u have developed software.Ur story is not clear to me abt TOI what’s that write 2 me.I m ex Syudent of ur mother Mrs Kashyap.
    My id is


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