Bless me God with wisdom and clear thinking

Its fun till the time you are kid , you have all the means to quarrel , be naughty and
mess with people around you.
Same is the case when you start in office. Till you are trained you can laugh quarrel, and do all kind of flirting around with peers.
Once you are labeled as Mr. XXXX with some name plate that says YYYYY you have to cut all your kid behaviour and fun out. You are now expected to be diplomatic and error free machine. This is what has been bestowed on me on auspicious day of Thursday. The same happened in Sai Hertz also where I was given tons of responsibilities from the word go, of project SaiPACS.
At this stage of upliftment I thank my lord from deepest of my heart and request him to bless me with wisdom and clear thinking which would earn me, the same trust , reputation and love earned at Sai Hertz and NIIT Una.

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