Cruise Ship to Cruise Plane

It took us a century to discover leisure in air travel. We always strove to make travel less stressful and more fun. In start of 20 Century we came across many luxury liners that could sail across continents. Our attempt for success with luxury liners were hampered by incidents like Titanic and fire on Queen Elizabeth.
Finally we conquered the element water for travel. Now its turn of air so we human build airplanes which we were planning to extend into luxury planes, but 9/11 hampered it like anything.
Now thank goodness due to low cost airline a budget traveler can also think of traveling by plane. So what the elite would have done ? They went for luxury planes and Boeing.

The latest attempt is Airbus A380 which would be like any luxury cruise.
Emirates would be the first commercial airline to purchase and fly them. And Heathrow would be the first Airport to handle the plane they call the terminal as Pier 3.
Looking forward for a day when I would own one of those Airbus A380

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