Naukri De dot Kon

This was the theme of my living for last one week and it ended at NIIT. Today itself I got the offer letter from a beautiful girl. The process was not easy going, I was scanned and tested with aids like grammar Test , aptitude Test , Personal Intro Session , OOP’s also known as Operation Manager round and then the salary negosiation.
I must say the girl at Salary Negotiation was much matured by work process she had a confined personality which means a “don’t mess with me” kind of air around her.
More over the process was great I am happy I am in a Company that has a brand and is know overseas also.
Now its upto me to show my ability and I am sure if my this new office is not effected by the Office politics syndrome I would be in the HR in few days.
At last thanks a lot my lord for the break.

If anyone at NIIT does not like the post please do let me know, but be assured I am not going to remove it

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