Jinah Secular

Advani visited Pakistan and his home town, suddenly Pakistan creator Jinah became Secular.
Going back to 40’s we note Pakistan was created because of castism as Muslim league was skeptic of minorities / Muslim rights , being in India. Thus they decided to have a separate province if not separate Country.
No doubt in the blame game Jinah and Gandhi are thought to be responsible for Partition. But what if Partition would have never happened.

  • We would have not been fighting as two nations instead we would have been fighting as two religion
  • Now we target terrorist as our enemy , then we would have killed our own brethren just because their demand was not meet in history
  • Their would have been no wars between two nations their would have been civil war and unrest
  • Northern part of India would have never been happy and prosperous as one of my brother wanted his own boundary, which he thought would be ,much better than his present one

No doubt we would have been one country but civil unrest would have made our life horrible.
On brighter note the best thing that would have been is, precious lives of my courageous, brave and beloved soldiers brothers would have been saved

Note: The author has no intensions to insult anyone if you feel it is insulting please let him know he may straight away remove it

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