Jive makes us live

Instant Messenger is a great tool to be in touch, and when we look for I.M in open source the first name that pops up in mind is Jabber, No doubt jabber is great but I had a bitter story with jabber which goes something like ….
Downloaded jabber-1.4 and decided to deploy it on Red Hat 7.2 with Intel 600 Mhz and 128 SDRAM, no the usual ./configure , make all, make install process did not followed when all was ready to be installed, as some package dependency failed. These dependancy were satisfied by downloading MB’s of more rpms and after a struggle of 5 hours I was able to install Jabber. Now came the time to fire the jabber client (in those days jabber.com client was freely download-able and using it was like breeze.) and start chatting
Time passed , server crashed no one bothered to restore the service
Today I visited jabber.org and came to know about Jive,
Since I want to avoid ./configure , make all, make install process I decided for a rpm install and ended up downloading a whopping 23 MB of Jive which included JVM.
The process I followed was :

Copy the downloaded rpm to a suitable directory lets say /usr/local/src and change directory to it

some@somemore# rpm -ivh jive_messenger_2_1_2.rpm
this will install jive in
some@somemore#cd /opt/jive_messenger/bin
To run Jive service we need an entry in init.d directory along with a system account with user name for this go to
This will create a default account with name jive and make init.d entry

Now fire your browser and go to http://localhost:9090 , the browser would run with Jive installation. Rest of the process is self explanatory by the installation process.The only difference is which database you use for the messenger.
As per me PostgreSQL is the best database one can use because with a developemnt view, I can create some triggers in the database to make deployment and administration fun.
Would write about installing with PostgreSQL.

2 thoughts on “Jive makes us live

  1. aspire me

    The PostgreSQL + Jive mix up is making my P-III 600 MHz with 256 SDRAM slow.

    Would look into the logs and write back whats the problemo

  2. aspire me

    The culprit I belive is the JDBC it is compiled for PostgreSQL 7.4.4 and I have deployed PostgreSQL 8.0.3 moreover in 8.0.3 the client API have changed may be this is the issue behind the slowness.

    But one thing I must comment is that the longer Jive runs the faster it becomes


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