Bulla ki Jaana Main Koin .. .. ..

True to the music video theme and song. This song forces one to stop and think for a while that who “I” am .

If I were Body ?
Then what after my death , i.e how will people call me and know about me.
If I were thought ?
How could I be something imaginary , this make me think of human plantation field shown in the movie Matrix where every one inside the capsule are in some sort of sleep and their thoughts make them feel as if they are living but in reality they are in deep sleep.
If I am the Name ?

I could not be the name “Vishal” as this is associated to my body, my this body has been given this name , thus I am also not the Name.

Just lets ponder on this thought that who am I ?

After reading spiritual books one gets informed that I am GOD !!!!!
This seems a laugh to me may be the books are saying the truth but untill unless I don’t REALIZE I am God I would not be God.
Would ponder more on this and wright back some day when I come to know who am I ?
Meanwhile lets enjoy Bulla Ki Jaana Main Kaoun by RABBI SHERGILL

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