e-Mails are great they give you instant shocking news and are swift to send message.
The send button addict never thinks before clicking it.
But what about those mail which are send with out send button click sequence. They bug you and sometimes makes you feel ashamed when one of your relative looks into your mail box , imagine those Viagra Spam message in your mail and your wife passes a suspicious look at you, opps do you need a explanation 😉 .
I would say these Viagra mails are send by some in-experienced sales person. If I would have been in his / her place I would have send a “Get Married and kill yourself” promo mails.

Surely spam gives and takes . It gives you the current international rates of viagra and what it takes is the threat that you wont be able to buy Viagra when you are 60 down as government would have over taxed you leaving you with no extra money.
So next time you receive a vigra mail don’t over look it, think and start saving for it today.

The author is not a promoter of Viagra and is Physically fit. Any doubt may be harmful to you and your bones. This was on a light note as I got totaling 100 Vigra Mails today

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