It was the first financial year close for SaiPACS which called for loads of pressure, as it was my responsibility to maintain and develop frontend, backend and business logic for SaiPACS all eyes were on me. Thank Mighty, the financial year close was smooth on all fronts and two years of hardwork materialized with positive and delighted results.
After all this ups and downs in gone months , I finally got some time for myself.
But these past days I got so much obsessed with code and SQL scripts that I am not able to get through this workaholic hangover, I am left with blank, I don’t find any thing entertaining (other than codes) that would re-energize me.
I wonder if I am computer edict ? , in that case god save me,
after all the blankness of code is itching me. Now and then I pop on to some website to get code enriched. God Save me , I need to change my tracks such that I get all flavours of life.

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