Red Hat

Is Red Hat moving away from the Open Source Commitment ?
Recent media coverage about Red Hat and was to highlight this very fact. Open Source projects are known to preserve the essence of innovation, a developer is free to develop deploy according to his/her imagination and will, he is free not only to innovate but is relieved of licensing terms.
Till now this is what I used to believe, as an open source developer but, the strategy change made by companies like RH is slowly proving that Open Source is a medium for releasing demo version of their commercial application and if you need the real stuff one would have to sign up a agreement which is quite similar to proprietary solutions but with a catch of source. In other words , RH says “You can use my stuff, please download it from the net” and the fine print says “Oh ! that was to happen as you did not spend any amount of money for this thingy you will not have it”.
Shame on you Red Hat ! this attitude of yours have restricted the deployment of your recent Hindi Version moreover Media is more interested in publishing about other initiative .

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