Satisfaction / Ignorant

Be satisfied for what you have, but I wonder if one goes by this notion s/he would never strive or struggle to gain. This would result in death of dreams and aspirations which would again diminish sorrow, agony and pain.
Thus one would never do Karma because s/he ought to be satisfied , no matter what, when Karma stops their would be no results, and thus the very existance of “being” gets questioned.
In contrast to all this if we go by the Bhagwata Gita which says do the Karma dont desire for results , would help us to understand “Be Satisfied” i.e do your best to achive and dont desire for results.
This again brings us to a round about situation, why should I do Karma if I dont know what would be its outcome.
Again Bhagwata Gita gives answer , if we do the karma with the belief of not being the doer, then what so ever be the out come (favourable / unfavourable) let it be offered at the lotus feet ( Samarpan), when I imagine of this state I feel a bit relived and light ,cautioning myself not be ignorant but samarpit.


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