Acknowledgement for prayers

Ever wondered how does god reply to our prayers and wishes, yesterday in the movie Bruce Almighty staring Jim Carrey, he acted as God and used his Macintosh for replying to all prayers. But in real life nothing of this kind happens , then what happens to our prayers ?
My wild guess says :

  1. Our Prayers get answered when they are full filled, which is something like Aknowledgement for the Prayers
  2. Nothing, with our prayers we prepare our sub-conscious mind for the results

Ok , fine with our prayers what about our chanting (namsumiran) we do ?,
Again my wild guess says :

  1. Chanting makes us focused i.e increase our concentration
  2. Nothing, Chanting makes sure our head is not empty or worse is not occupied with unhealthy thoughts

More on these kinda stuff later

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