Squid Configuration

I always desired to deploy sqiud at my place for basic internet proxing, recently I got time to fulfill my this desire.
So on a brand new FC-3 installation the rpm precompiled squid was configured with help of webmin . At times I get this feeling that linux power is in CUI , this is very correct in Squid perspective also as configuring it from squid.conf file is faster than the webmin interface.
I used the PAM authentication tool for squid as this way I would not have to maintain separate accounts. In an rpm based install pam authentication tool pam_auth is under


Their are many other authentication methods for squid one can even use MySQL and PostreSQL for authentication.
In my case PAM was being used and since a shadow file maintains the system account. The pam_auth module must be started with root permission or to be more specific set uid root for this I had to do

chown root /usr/lib/squid/pam_auth
chmod u+s /usr/lib/squid/pam_auth
Restarted squid with commands
service squid restart

Fired the bowser added the ip address and port of the proxy server and added the proxy server in the No Proxy for text box.
And voila it was working.
now I am looking forward to write ACL such that I can restrict users to either text content or image content with referencing to their login name.
Would update later..

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