Am I changing or they ?

Recently due to the “Nokia Innovators 2004 award” I have earned a tag. At times people surrounding me are often heard to be saying Award mila hai na , aur TV pee bhi ayega , tabhi but I know nothing has changed for me , I am the same Vishal , who liked to watch Amanda Show and fantasize Jimmy Neutron’s gadgets.
So what have changed ? its people perspective that have changed , they have some new information about me, and information in computers is defined as “A data that was not available before, even a bit of it”, Now this new data with people is tempting them to behave in such a way that I feel these people are genuinely happy with me and my achivement.
If the above thesis is wrong then I pray to my Lord that “Please assist and guide me such that my head and ego remains grounded.” On cautious note I would make sure that I dont loose the fun of achivement but then their lies a very thin line between fun and ego resulted from achivement.
In large now I have more responsibilities to shoulder,
I have to prove again that the institutions who have shown their faith in my innovation were very right and justified.

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