Solaris Rocks

Thanks to time out at Delhi for [*SENSORED* 2004 Award],I was able to download Solaris 10.0 for x86.
The installation does not appeal as compared to Linux and other *nix OS.
Installation was across 4 CDs which took nearly 1 hr on Athlon XP 2400 Mhz Pr, 512 MB DDR. The installation uses the function keys for navigation and if your Keyboard is not identified we have to use combinations of keys for getting our job done.
After the installation was over the system went for a reboot. Thank God the GUI was working this time (I was not able to get GUI in Solaris 9.0 x86).
In GUI we have two desktop environment JDS (Java Desktop System), CDE (Common desktop environment).
I Selected for the JDS, boy it is eye candy, The JDS appeal a lot . StarOffice 7 was preinstalled. Though I was not able to find the Mozilla browser which was easy locatable in CDE. Anyways I am looking to docs and would use Solaris to test and deploy SaiPACS.
looking forward for BSD installation going on in other machine.

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