Innovators, attributes in common

Thanks to the National Geographic Channel people 😉 and shortage of rooms
at Intercontinental The Grand hotel (this is what they told us), we three
Mr. Somender Singh,
Mr. Sandeep Sharma and me , shared a single suite
called the “Perl Luxury”.
During the whole interaction and stay, I noticed many similarities among us.

  1. Since we were sharing single room we did our best to facilitate each other.
  2. We all were polite and humble here I recall the phrase “Failures makes a man humble”, and Mr. Somender Singh were the most humble
    among us, but does this mean he was a failure ? NO !!, he have faced more hardships than us, in convincing world about his great innovation.
  3. We respected each others work.
  4. We were never hesitated to ask small things to each other, taking example of electric kettle , we taught each other how to use it.
  5. We did not relished the hotel food, but the idli samber at Sarvodya gave us the full diet, much better we did’nt transformed in to
    gas plants after taking the food (May be this was because we were paying for it).
    This is what a Rs. 3000/- vegetarian food at hotel could not do, and a simple regular food at comparatively small
    hotel did. I missed Ma ka thapad and maki ki roti though.
  6. We were vegetarian

We enjoyed the stay and were thankful to the lord that he considered us for this prestigious award.


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