They Shoot us

Silence please and action said Jogiraj and all of us at our turn said the magic words of “Hi ! I am blah blah from blah blah , and my innovation is more blah blah this will height of blah blah”. This was not that easy we stammered
and more often said sorry than our lines but this patient creative head Mr. Jogiraj was a great guy who finally got the shot done.
When they were shooting me with their Sony DV professional 1.5 lacks camera, nicely placed on tripod, my words were running like chickens, more worse I was sitting on sofa , as if I was on ice but again the smiling face and warm words of Mr. Jogiraj melted all the ice and my head was moving like the dancer did in damm mast kalandar song
with several sorry and anh anh …. the shot was approved, fine now let me tell my maa that I would be on satellite T.V.

Thank God I never decided to be an actor.

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